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Welcome to the official web site of the Silver Lake Rescue Squad, Inc. We thank you for your interest and invite you to view all the pages of this site to learn who we are and what we do. Silver Lake Rescue is a not-for-profit company established in 1959 that provides emergency care to the citizens of Silver Lake and to many others in the Town of Randall, Wheatland and Salem. Silver Lake Rescue provides care at the ILS (Intermediate Life Support) level and possess the skills and medications to treat the majority of life threatening emergencies, such as heart attacks, diabetic emergencies, difficulty breathing and traumatic injuries, to name just a few.

Mission Statement

The mission of Silver Lake Rescue Squad, Inc. is to provide customer oriented, value added, fiscally responsible Emergency Medical Service to the communities we service. Specifically, our mission is to reduce mortality and morbidity through public education, minimize injury and long term recovery, efficiently rescue individuals trapped in emergency situations, and provide the best Intermediate Life Support transport service available, while operating safely by providing initial and ongoing education and training for the Emergency Medical Technicians providing this ambulance service.
Silver Lake Rescue Squad, Inc. | 209 E. Lake Street | Silver Lake, WI | 53170 | Tel: 262-889-8093
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Blood Pressure Checks

Please feel free to stop by anytime and get your blood pressure checked.  Many doctors ask patients to keep a log of blood pressures, but sometimes the home units are not very accurate. So if you have any questions, or you are curious what your blood pressure is, stop by and have us check it for you.
Silver Lake Rescue Squad
Serving Silver Lake, Salem, Randall and Wheatland
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Remember to always call 911 in an emergency! Have a list of current medications, physicians and conditions on your fridge and in your wallet or purse that Rescue can find Have a contact in your phone under ICE (In Case of Emergency) that Rescue will be able to call if there is a need
Tips to Remember

Meet the Medical Director

In 2011 Dr. Steven Andrews took over as our Medical Director.  Since Dr. Andrews took over, Silver Lake Rescue’s scope of practice has been tremendously expanded. Dr. Andrews is on the cutting edge of pre-hospital care and is one of the most influential voices in the EMS world and we are excited to have him at the helm! Dr. Andrews started his pre-hospital emergency career in 1987 as an EMT going on to become a Paramedic in 1989.  He worked as an EMT/Paramedic for 8 years and as a Flight Physician for another 8 years.  Dr. Andrews received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota in 1995 and completed his emergency medicine residency at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan in 1998. He did an EMS Fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin from 1998 to 1999. He has served as Medical Director for Orange Cross Ambulance in Sheboygan Wisconsin as well as Assistant Medical Director/Consulting Medical Director for Milwaukee County EMS.  From 2000-2008, Dr. Andrews was the Medical Director of Flight For Life in Wisconsin and northern Illinois and was Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at the Medical College of Wisconsin. In 2008, he took a position in Minnesota as a Medical Director for North Memorial Ambulance Service which has 5 helicopter bases and over 40 ground ambulance bases.  In late 2009, he returned to Wisconsin to work for Aurora as an Emergency Physician and as a Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Director.  He currently serves as Pre-hospital Medical Director for Aurora Summit, Aurora Medical Center in Washington County, Aurora Kenosha and Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington. Regionally, he is on the State of Wisconsin EMS Physician Advisory Council and has been Chair of the Wisconsin Southeast Regional Trauma Advisory Council (SERTAC).  On a national level, he has been Chair of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Section on Air Medical Transport and has been elected to the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) Board of Directors as well as the Air Medical Physician Association (AMPA) Board of Trustees. Dr. Andrews is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and also Board Certified in the newly approved specialty in Emergency Medical Services.